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 hokkien style TITANIC!!!

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PostSubject: hokkien style TITANIC!!!   Mon Nov 26, 2007 10:32 am

Scene 1:
>> Jack: Hey chio eh? I teach you an chua fly, want or not?
>> Rose: Mai lah. I scare leh.
>> Jack: No need scare leh, lai I teach you.
>> Rose: Don't lar, me really scare leh.
>> Jack: Lai lar, stand on the railing, then I hug you.
>> Rose: Like that ar?
>> Jack: Yah, then hor, spread ur arms... Wah lau eh, why
>>so chao one?
>> Rose: Kan ni neh... You say my armpit chao ah!
>> Jack: Wah I bey tar han already lar!
>> Jack fainted & both fell into the sea.
>> Scene 2:
>> One fine day, late at night, Jack Duakang was on the
>>deck of Titanic when he heard some loud footsteps.
>> He looked to see what was going on, and he saw a super
>>chio about to jump off the deck. He walked over and tried to persuade
>>her not to jump.
>> Jack: Chio eh, lee si an zua? So late duwan sleep?
What's your name?

Rose: My name is Mei Kui, but people call me Rose.

Jack: Nah Beh... Why you so chio, but your name like the
mamasan at Tiong Kok City.

>> Rose: Shut-up lah you, I now want to jump.
>> Jack: Why jump? Siao ah you, so chio jump for what?
>> Rose: Aiyah why you so kaypo? I jump you jump?
>> Jack: Wah lau, U jump I jump?Ma na eh sai!!!
>> So Jack continued to persuade her for a few hours. After
>> three hours...

Jack: Eh don't jump leh, ler uu siao bo?

Rose: Aiyah, you talk for three hours liao, buay sian

Jack: Ya lor, I think oso a bit sian liao. So, please
lah, don't jump lah.
Rose: Shut-up I am really jumping liao.

Jack was tired, so he stopped persuading...

Rose: I really jump ah, really ah? Really leh. I am not
joking leh. I jump ah!!!

Jack was very du lan after wasting so much time. So, he
kicked Rose's Ka Ch'ng(Backside) and sent her into her watery grave.

Jack: Nah beh, want to jump, jump lah. Waste my time

Then Jack turned around and he saw the second most
beautiful girl on the ship....

Jack: Oei Chio eh, what's your name?

Hibiscus: Me Hibiscus lor. I saw you kick my
sister.Hahahahahahhh! Thank you hor.

She always steal my boyfliends one.

So Jack and Hibiscus live happily ever after...

Peraturan No. 1: Beachbozs selalunya betul©

Peraturan No. 2: Jikalau anda rasa anda betul, sila merujuk kepada peraturan no. 1©

( The above qoute is extracted from yun, terima kasih pada yunz atas dia punya qoute)


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hokkien style TITANIC!!!
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